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  • SPB Time

    SPB Time

    Have a Good Time!

    Skinnable time toolbox for your Windows Mobile phone. Digital, analog clocks, world clock with zoom, timers, and stopwatches.

  • SPB Wallet

    SPB Wallet

    Be Secure!

    SPB Wallet stores all your passwords, logins, etc with strong AES 256 encryption.

  • SPB Weather

    SPB Weather

    Weather On the Go

    Mobile phone weather forecasting program which combines the detailed everyday forecasts for 10,000 cities worldwide.

  • SPB Finance

    SPB Finance

    Your Pocket Finance Manager

    A multiple award winning financial manager that you can carry in your pocket. Synchronization with Microsoft Money and Quicken.

  • SPB Diary

    SPB Diary

    Now Being Organized Is Easy

    The best Today information plug-in for calendar, tasks, contacts, notes, messages, and special events.



  • SPB Brain Evolution

    SPB Brain Evolution

    Your Brain Can Do Better

    An intellectual software game that helps to train the brain and improve memory. 12 development games (Sudoku and Minesweeper included).

  • SPB Puzzle

    SPB Puzzle

    The Jigsaw classic on your phone

    A classic jigsaw puzzle game, designed specifically for touchscreens.

  • SPB Balltracker

    SPB Balltracker

    Guide the ball to the exit gate.

    The Windows Mobile version of the track-and-found game. 40 levels, three difficulty modes.

  • SPB AirIslands

    SPB AirIslands

    Let's Build the World Together!

    The first Pocket PC game featuring all the benefits of a powerful PC strategy and designed for Pocket PC playing scenario. Build life on a small island. Enjoy the 3 mini-games included.

  • SPB Bubbles

    SPB Bubbles

    Shoot Bubbles. Solve Puzzles.

    The mobile realisation of the well-known classic bubble shooting game.

  • SPB FreeCell

    SPB FreeCell

    Classics Game on Your Pocket PC

    Classics desktop Windows card game on your mobile device. Original FreeCell look and feel.

  • SPB Arkaball II

    SPB Arkaball II

    Pocket PC Remake of the Classic Arkanoid Game

    Windows Mobile remake of the classic Arkanoid game. 50 original levels.

  • SPB Sudoku

    SPB Sudoku

    Classic Sudoku Logic Game for Pocket PC

    Classic Sudoku logic game for mobiles. Billions of puzzles. Four difficulty modes.

  • SPB Minesweeper II

    SPB Minesweeper II

    Classic Logic Game for Pocket PC

    Classic Minesweeper logic game for mobile devices. Perfect stylus and button control over the mine field.

  • SPB Quadronica

    SPB Quadronica

    Memory and Logic Game for Pocket PC

    An addictive "find-rectangle-with-same-colored-corners" game.

  • SPB Numbers

    SPB Numbers

    A Very Original and Attractive Arithmetics Game

    Make your mental arithmetics faster with this original arithmetics game.

  • SPB Matches

    SPB Matches

    Match Puzzles for Pocket PC

    33 original match puzzles for Windows Mobile devices.

  • SPB Xonix II

    SPB Xonix II

    Cut Largest Pieces Possible Avoiding Enemies

    The good old Xonix game redesigned for Windows Mobile. Cut largest pieces possible avoiding enemies.

  • SPB Geo Game

    SPB Geo Game

    Play Geography!

    With SPB Geo Game you can study national capitals and flags.

  • SPB Quads

    SPB Quads

    Make Your Biggest Quad!

    Reveal and mark rectangles' corners of the same colors in a field filled with color bricks. Enjoy the time-limited and endless game modes.